RISE Cowley Coalition membership is open to all with two options -coalition member and network  member. Individuals are welcome to join. If an individual, leave the "organization" line blank. Submit your information online or download the membership form.


Coalition members are invited to participate in quarterly Coalition membership meetings, as well as serve as an active member in at least one pathway or work group. Through the membership, individuals or multiple people from your organization are invited to attend. Organizations will be asked to appoint one person as your voting member. Steering Committee members are elected annually from Coalition membership and meet monthly.

By selecting to be a Network member, you are agreeing to participate in initiative activities in the pathways packages but elect not to be involved in the Coalition’s regular meetings. This option is a non-voting membership. With this membership you are encouraged to involve multiple people from your organization. 

As we work through the pathways, committees will be established around each area of interest that will need broad participation. RISE Cowley is more than just the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Pathways grant. We provide other opportunities in the community to be involved, such as the Cowley County health and safety fair, Breastfeeding Advocates of Cowley County (BACC), Countywide baby shower, and support of Story Of A Runner (SOAR).