Area partners invited to RISE Cowley coalition meeting May 22

Grant coordinators will present ways Pathways grant can help organizations

WINFIELD, Kan. (May 15, 2018) — RISE Cowley, the local healthy communities coalition, invites area business and organizations to attend its next coalition meeting at 10 a.m. Tuesday, May 22 in Winfield.


This meeting will be at the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce office, located at 123 E. Ninth Ave.

Charissa Wall, Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant co-coordinator for RISE Cowley, will give a presentation on the many ways community partners can benefit from the Pathways grant program.


She will outline the steps necessary for new partners to follow in order to obtain grant funding for eligible expenses, such as grants to offset energy efficiency improvements or help with new signage.


You do not have to be a current RISE Cowley partner to attend this meeting. Representatives of any Cowley County business, governmental agency or nonprofit organization may attend to learn more.


Those that may benefit most from the meeting, however, include any of the following industries:

  • Local grocery store(s) and/or other food retail locations, such as gas stations, dollar stores and corner stores;

  • Restaurant owners and caterers;

  • Health care providers, including physicians, dentists, pharmacies and chiropractors;

  • Any employers — large or small — that are interested in saving money on insurance premiums and helping their employees to improve their overall health and wellness.


As milestones are met throughout the course of the three-year Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant program, Cowley County will become eligible for additional, non-competitive implementation grants and achievement grants. Implementation grants are designed to assist with the actions taken by an organization to complete a Pathways goal. Achievement grants are intended to reward an organization for meeting the goal of a pathway. The implementation grant and achievement grant funds available total up to $400,000 per community.


About Pathways to a Healthy Kansas

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) envisions Kansans living in healthy communities that provide the highest possible quality of life and well-being.


Three risk factors — physical inactivity, poor nutrition and tobacco use — lead to four of the leading causes of chronic disease — heart disease, type-2 diabetes, lung disease and some cancers — that cause 80 percent of the deaths in the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show increasing physical activity, eating healthy and avoiding tobacco are among the best ways to lower risk for developing chronic diseases and to live healthier, longer. Thus, the purpose of the


Pathways to a Healthy Kansas initiative is to:

  • Inspire long-lasting, community-wide well-being by creating supportive, healthy environments;

  • Focus on strategies that build community engagement and transform the way residents stay healthy as they work, play, and interact socially;

  • Incorporate more opportunities to be healthy in normal daily routines — through access in schools, worksites, health care providers’ offices, food establishments and social networks — so that a healthy culture will be cultivated to improve the quality of life in the community now and for generations to come.


The Pathways to a Healthy Kansas initiative provides community coalitions such as RISE Cowley with the tools and resources needed to remove barriers and engage their communities in ways that enable healthy eating and tobacco-free, active living to become a way of life.


Each Kansas community has its own identity, with valuable traditions that contribute to the overall character of the state. The Pathways to a Healthy Kansas framework establishes pathways and guidance for each of the three focus areas — healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco — and encourages community coalitions to identify the strategies within each pathway that will work best for their residents, while both preserving and enhancing the culture of each of the 16 communities.


By designing and funding Pathways to a Healthy Kansas as a piece of its Blue Health Initiatives, BCBSKS is investing in community health throughout its service area to promote health and improve quality of life — not only for its members, but for all Kansans living in its 103- county service area.